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We are a small, first generation chicken farm that is just getting up and running in rural Eastern Durham County, in Carr Township, near Leesville Rd.  As Christians, our belief is that our farm should reflect God’s command of Christian Stewardship.  This means that our birds are treated humanely as well as given free access to food, water, and as much space as possible!

Our layers have a large run of about an acre where they’re free to explore, peck, run around, and generally do natural chicken activities. We also raise small batches of broilers (meat birds) in a Chicken tractor that is moved onto fresh pasture daily.  These meat birds are raised on fresh, clean grass with chicken feed rather than cooped up in a tight building with their own manure for bedding.  Come processing time, we treat these birds as a living animal rather than as a “unit of production”.

With all the gimmick food labels, it’s hard to know where your food came from and how it was handled. The best way to do so is to simply know the farmer. The products that we sell are the same products that we use ourselves every day. We exclusively eat only our own eggs as well as our own chicken.

We raise meat birds, stew birds, heritage birds/barnyard mixes, freedom rangers, turkeys, and eggs!

Come visit our website for information on the farmer, products, farming practices and more!


“The righteous care for the needs of their animals…” Prov 12:10