Happy Wife Acres

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Our Story

Happy Wife Acres was conceived in the fall of 2016 by Andrea and John Hancock. Andrea and John were new to their property, and decided to add chickens for farm fresh eggs. They were new to chickens and thought of them only as an egg source. In addition, they planted a summer garden, something they had done for many years. The flock started with 9 chicks, and has steadily grown to over 300. Their education was through internet sources, where they learned the many benefits of chickens, and how they are an integral part of any homestead, working with nature to till, fertilize, and control insects. The success with layers quickly led to the addition of Cornish Cross meat birds. The flock of 23 was raised in the late summer of 2016, and they learned a great deal about raising, butchering, and processing this unique kind of chicken. Two turkeys were also raised and butchered in the late fall. In addition, fertile eggs were hatched in an incubator. Following a job loss, the pair made a decision to use what they had learned to sell eggs, poultry meat, fruits, vegetables, and herbs for income. With their nearly 11 acre homestead, they had the room, most of the equipment, and a great deal of the knowledge. Happy Wife Acres was born, with a goal of providing fresh food from happy and healthy poultry, and farm foods grown the way our ancestors did. The name itself was chosen to convey the message that a happy farm produces better tasting and healthy food.