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Our hens are happy here at the farm, where they have full access to 40 acres of pasture, yard, forest, and sometimes the gardens. They free-range all day foraging for seeds, weeds, bugs and whatever else wets their appetite and happily return to their coop to sleep safe and snug through the night.  They also have access to Organic layer feed at all times, though they always prefer to forage on the farm.

Happy Wife Farm is working towards Organic certification this year (2017), so our chickens are raised organically.  All feed, bedding, housing, etc meets the National Organic Program standards.  Steroids and hormones are never used, and we us natural methods to prevent disease in our flock.  As we are working to certify our whole farm production, you can rest assured that we do not use any pesticides, fungicides, or commercial fertilizer where our hens free-range.

Our eggs are a variety of colors – white, various shades of brown, blue and green.  You can be sure that no matter the color of the shell, they are all delicious and nutritious on the inside!

Our flock is relatively small right now, with 19 hens and 4 roosters, but we hope to hatch some new chicks this year to add to the flock.

If you would like to purchase our happy eggs, we currently sell on Augusta Locally Grown or you can contact us to arrange picking them up from the farm.