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Our Story

We’re a small family operation new to the area but not new to the livestock industry. Scott has grew up on a small family farm in Southwest Michigan where he attained bachelors degrees in Animal Science and Agribusiness Management before relocating to Northeast Indiana to the area his wife Megan is originally from.  Scott is employed as a feed sales nutritionist at Milan Center Feed and Grain in New Haven while Megan teaches nursing at the University of Saint Francis, and is completing her NP.

While we strive to produce a safe, healthy and wholesome product, our top priority is animal welfare. We follow science and focus on nutrition and animal comfort, a happy and healthy animal is a productive animal. Our birds are free ranged during the the day and secured safely on their roosts in their chicken house at night. We started this project not only for our own enjoyment but also as a means to help control our insect population and supply our farm with organic matter as well as provide our families with farm fresh eggs (we wouldn’t expect you to eat anything that we don’t eat ourselves!)Our birds are now mature and productive enough that we’ve got a surplus of eggs and would love to provide your family with them.

We also have two canine children, our Pembroke Welsh Corgi Wally and Red Heeler Jack.