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Our Story

In the spring of 2022, after MANY years of my husband asking and being told no, I finally agreed that we could raise chickens. I was very emphatic about how they would not primarily be my responsibility. I was happy to help as much as he needed me to, but I would not be ‘in charge’ so to speak.

Two weeks later he came home from our local feed store with three of the tiniest little chicks. As soon as I saw them I melted, and then I proceeded to buy the best, biggest coop I could find. I built it almost entirely on my own because I had more time to work on it than my husband did and I wanted it to be ready for them ASAP so they could have a lovely house of their own when they were ready.

I proceeded to purchase more chicks from local farmers. My husband came home more than once to surprise chicks chirping in the brooders. We currently have a Buff Orpington, a Lavender Orpington, a Rhode Island Red, a barred Plymouth Rock, four silkies, and three Easter eggers. They have a huge run, but I’m currently making it bigger so they have more room to run around when they do have to be in there. I’m also getting ready to pop a dozen silkie hatching eggs into the incubator, because why not.

In June of 2022 I found out about coturnix quail, and in July I hatched out my very first quail. We now have 30, with plans to hatch more in the spring.

We offer fresh quail eggs, fresh chicken eggs, and quail hatching eggs (my breeding groups are all beautiful tuxedo quail!). By this time next year we plan to offer silkie hatching eggs as well.

We also intend to offer, within a year, fresh produce and baked goods (bread, muffins, bagels, etc).