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Our Story

Hazelman Farms is home to some 2,000 chickens and a constant expansion of fruit and vegetable gardens along with bees for on farm pollination and honey production.

Since 2016 Hazelman Farms has partnered with the National Resource and Conservation Society (NRCS) for the Golden Wing Warbler project. This saw 8 acres of our forest cut out and left to re-grow. The new lower growth provides home to smaller birds like the Golden Wing Warbler whom were largely absent from our 100 year forests (no cuts or wildfire in this time). Since starting the program the NJ Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) has seen a 50% growth in bird species.

Hazelman Farms started in 2014 in West Milford, NJ. After nearly two decades of working in computer programming Rocky Hazelman looked to spend more time outdoors and to increase fresh food production for his growing family. So began the integration of Agriculture and Technology. Since our humble beginnings of farming in the backyard of our 1/3 of an acre home site, we have been able to expand to 70 acres while remaining in the home where it all started.