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Our Story

I have been breeding and perfecting my flock with only the finest quality stock for 14 years and I have decided to share this beautiful line I’ve created. HB Marans.

I started my flock with shipped eggs from three different top US breeders over the matter of a few years. I’ve bred and hatched every year since those first babies hatched. My line is derived from Cottage Hill, Bev Davis, Wade Jeane and lastly added, Little Peddler’s Marans. I purchased eggs from Brenda Little, owner of the pure French line Little Peddler’s Marans. 125$ for 6 hatching eggs from Brenda. I have Little Peddlers Marans  Roosters covering my flock all from pure blooded Imported French lines.  The Rooster is responsible for the dark egg gene being passed on so, I’m excited to be passing that dark gene to these eggs and  chicks.  These are beautiful birds that lay beautiful dark chocolate eggs.
Fun Facts:

FBCM eggs are know as James Bond 007’s favorite eggs to eat.
It’s said that you will pay 30$ for an omelette made from FBCM eggs!

My Marans are a closed flock free of any disease. Thank you for your interest my HB Marans flock.