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Heart and Soul Farm NC is dedicated to growing natural, healthy, and sustainable protein sources our family, our community, and you deserve by maintaining harmony with nature, employing the top regenerative agriculture principles, and embracing a holistic approach to sustainable farming.

We focus on Regenerative Agriculture and Sustainable Farming with our Katahdin Sheep, Buff Orpingtons, and Heritage Breed Dominique Chickens.

Our eggs are not only cage and cruelty free. they are 100% pasture raised. Our chickens free-range on 4 acres with our Katahdin Sheep. Research studies have concluded that eggs produced by chickens raised on pasture and feasting on natural forages, grasses, seeds, and insects are healthier than “commercial, cage-free, or free range” eggs. Pasture raised, Farm Fresh Eggs have twice as much vitamin E and more than twice as many Omega-3 Fatty Acids.  Pastured eggs were also found to be higher in vitamin A, have three times the amount of vitamin D, and are  lower in LDL Cholesterol