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Our Story

We are a first generation family farm located in Cass County, Mo. We believe in raising our food in the most natural way possible with no pesticides, herbicides, growth hormones, GMO’s, etc. If I’m not willing to feed it to my family, I won’t feed it to yours either.

We have fresh eggs from girls who are free ranging on our farm. They do get organic feed to supplement what they don’t find while foraging and plenty of fresh water. We also raise meat chickens for butcher a few times a year. We sell them as a whole bird for $4/lb. These birds are raised in a mobile bird tractor that gets moved daily to fresh pasture. This gives them the opportunity to forage for bugs and fresh grass as well as keep them in a clean environment. They are given lots of water and supplemented with non-gmo feed. Contact us to get put on the list for the next batch. Our birds average 5 lbs as a finished product. We will soon have live rabbits for sale that can be kept as pets or butchered for meat.

During the warm months of the year, we also have fresh produce for sale. The times and amounts available depend on what’s in season, and if the crop gives an abundance to supply my family and yours. You can find us at the Harrisonville Farmers Market on Saturday mornings from June to September. We also welcome any visitors to the farm to do pick ups or just come to visit the animals.