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The Heasley Homestead is nestled in the hills of Northern West Virginia in Preston County, about 3 miles north of I-68 at the Bruceton Mills exit 23.  The 50-acre property and surrounding neighbor’s properties contain 2250 maple trees (both sugar and red) that are being tapped for maple syrup since 2015.  When the time is right, the cold nights and warm days of late winter and early spring offer up the sweet goodness of maple sap.  Natural gravity tubing systems are being used to collect the sap, and pump lines bring the sap to the new sugarhouse where it is processed into all natural Maple Syrup.  Since the first year of production, Keith Heasley has refined the technique and incorporated industry improvements to help perfect the maple syrup process.  On the hilly property, the red and sugar maple trees come together to create a uniquely flavorful syrup in amber, dark and very dark grades.

Stop by on the third Saturday of February or March for the open house as part of the Mountain State Maple Days, or give a call (304) 379-3004 on most days to see if we are available, and come see a small producer’s operation, and sample some of West Virginia’s prize-winning maple syrup, sugar and/or candy.