Heather’s Hens, Honey and Harvest

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Moved to this location just over 2 years ago.

Currently working on planting regenerative plants such as Currants, Goji, Honeyberries, Persimmon, Paw paw, Chestnut, Cherry, Peach, Apple and Hazelnuts. Many of these will take a few years before they produce.

I started raising free range, organic chickens 1 year ago. I have one Ameraucana Rooster and 12 hens. I plan to add Ameraucana hens (for blue eggs),  Wesummer (mid-dark Brown with speckles), Olive Eggers (Green with speckles), And Copper Marans (Dark brown eggs) this spring. Currently I can offer Easter Egger chicks (potentially to lay pink, blue, green or brown eggs) and brown eggs. I hope to be able to offer pure bred Ameraucana’s and Copper Marans, Olive Eggers, as well as, Easter Eggers spring of 2022.

I have Honey that has not be pasteurized. All natural as well.