Heavenly Acres Farm and Learning Center

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Our Story

Heavenly Acres Farm was established January 2017 by co-owners Forrest and Jennifer Bopp.  The farm rests on 18.5 acres.  The acreage is sectioned into livestock pasture paddocks, hay fields, gardening acre and homestead section which supports the main house and outbuildings of the farm.  The barn was built over 200 years ago with the farm house itself being over 100 years old.  One of the main attractions of the farm is the livestock; specifically our donkeys, miniature horses/mule, herd of alpacas, sheep and goats, along with our flock/brood of chickens and ducks.

We opened the farm for Farm Stays, camping and tours in an effort to provide the community with a way to have meaningful exposure to farm animals, products and the farm lifestyle.  One of our goals is to provide an escape from the normally fast paced society with a genuine farm experience.  Another is to provide the older generations an opportunity to enjoy hands on exposure with livestock to enhance their quality of life.  Lastly, we provide a variety of information about the history of the farm, hands on experience with the animals and farm operations.

We feel God has blessed us with the farm and we enjoy sharing that blessing with others.

Forrest and Jennifer