Heavenly Homestead & Ramrod Dairy Goats

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Our Story

We are a small, family farm located near Bladenboro, NC (Southeastern North Carolina area). We have a herd of American Dairy Goat Association registered Alpine, Lamancha, and Recorded Grade dairy goats. Our goats are pasture-raised, but also are given a daily ration of locally milled feed and loose minerals. We currently are able to milk our does once daily and sometimes we have extra milk (not for human consumption, per NC regulations).

Our flock of chickens consists of a birds of various breeds and hybrids that lay a variety of colors of eggs. Some folks refer to this as Rainbow Eggs. Eggs for eating are in several shades of browns, blues, and greens. Some of our hybrid layers are birds we selectively bred for colored egg production, friendly personality, and sometimes pretty feathering.

During peak produce season, we tend to have extra to share. This is especially true for squash, zucchini, tomatoes, and cucumbers. In the fall, we grow greens (such as collards, turnips, mustard, cabbage, etc.).

Please contact us in advance of visiting our farm due to biosecurity measures. We also offer free local delivery or pickup. We are also open to trades/swaps for other farm goods.

We look forward to sharing with you!