Henny Penny’s Organic Backyard Eggs

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Henny Penny’s Organic Backyard Farm Fresh Eggs has reopened for the season and we are busting at the seams with fresh organic eggs.

Compared to eggs you’ll buy in the grocery store, these eggs are higher in Omega 3s, higher in beta carotene, higher in protein and lower in cholesterol. Taste for yourself how delicious fresh eggs are and you’ll never go back to those icky grocery store eggs again. All colors of eggs available.

Our beautiful girls free-range during the day in their large backyard and at night they have a spacious, 5 star coop that provides access to a fenced in area. These eggs are vaccine, antibiotic and hormone free and GMO free.

JUST STOCKED: dozen boxes of large chicken eggs $5/dozen or 18 small eggs for $5.00