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Our eggs come from our pastured chickens. The chickens are moved around behind the cattle in their very own egg-mobile. The chickens clean up the paddocks behind the cows and are able to eat as much grass and bugs as they want. The chickens are also fed a GMO-free feed. These eggs are extremely nutritious due to the high amount of forage the chickens are able to eat. The yolk of the egg is a deep orange color which indicates a healthy egg.

In the winter we keep the chickens in an insulated coop and they are able to go outside as much as they like. We use deep bedding in the coop which produces heat as it composts and helps to keep the coop warm. The bedding also produces plenty of bugs for the chickens to eat which helps to satisfy their protein requirements.

These eggs are available all year and are $4.00 per dozen.

Come out anytime to pick some up!