Higher Ground Farm

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Our Story

Higher Ground Farm was born in August of 1978 when the our then family of four purchased a partially completed house on five acres of land in Northeast Washington.  From the humble, tree-covered landscape grew a half acre garden, tree and plant nurseries, and a barnyard that has consistently had a flock of laying hens with the required rooster sentinels.  The barnyard is also currently home to one Jacob ewe, two Jacob lambs, and two Nubian doelings.  The Farmer and his Wife retired from public service in 2014 and have been diligently working to re-establish Higher Ground as a working market farm.  The gourmet garlic and other vegetables and fruits on the farm have been grown chemical-free for more than 35 years.  In addition to the farm animals, Buster the Dog keeps the deer away, and the two cats, Syringa and L.B., patrol the mice and gopher circuit.