Highland Glenn Ranch

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Our Story

A small diversified ranch in the ruggedly beautiful Kettle Range. Foremost we are committed to the stewardship of this land, being sustainable, and the conservation of heritage breeds- from laying hens, English Shepherd family farm dogs, Shetland sheep, and Alpine goats.

Life on the Ranch hearkens back to the good ole days when life was slower, sustainable, centered on the seasons, home, and family. The gentle breeze through the pines and soothing sounds of nature add to the atmosphere. We live in harmony with nature’s ebb and flow. Make no mistake about it… there is a lot of hard work too, yet it is oh so rewarding!

In the spirit of the 19th century, we embrace and preserve the richness of the past while utilizing appropriate modern technology. The Ranch is powered by the sun, watered with rain and snow, heated and built with wood from the glen.

Chemical ‘-cides’ and fertilizers do not touch this pristine ground. No one would be the wiser whether we used such toxins or not. But the little green frog at the creek knows, as does the red-tailed Hawk soaring above, the chickens scratching in the soil, the shy doe with fawn foraging alongside ewe and lamb. And WE know!