Hill Road Homestead

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Our Story

While always wanting to live a rural lifestyle, we had to opportunity to buy an old working farm and moved out here in January 2022. In years past, this was a family-owned farm that raised cattle, sheep, pigs, chickens, dairy products, and cut lumber. We have been working at getting the land and buildings in good repair, while paving a road to sustainability. Currently we are building up our flock of laying hens and egg sales. Our chickens are fed pellet food, grains, fresh produce, herbs, and lots of yummy bugs and such when free-ranging and are treated with natural remedies whenever possible. Our flock (currently 22 laying hens, 19 chicks, and one rooster) is part of our pet family, so we spoil them as often as possible!

We are hoping to grow into hatching eggs and eventually breed conservation, along with some other ideas for the future!