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Even though one of us was raised on a dairy farm, we had no interactions with chickens prior to our own.  After buying eggs for a few years from other local farmers and backyard keepers, we began discussing the idea of having our own.  Not only for the eggs, but the enjoyment of our family.
This spring we ordered day old chicks from a wonderful hatchery.  We went with a variety cold hardy, docile breeds.  We have enjoyed this endevor as a family, and love the personalities of each of ladies.  Each one of our (5) chickens are named for a girl within our family.  These ladies are laying and enjoying the great outdoors.  We have expaned already, not even waiting to our planned timeframe of Spring 2018, with (4) additional layers.  These girls are not laying yet, but will begin this winter.
We are still planning a “Chicken Expansion Plan” for next spring with additional layers.

4/25/2018:  We are pleased to annouce that we have ordered our new layers for this year.  And yes, those of your familiar with “Chicken Math” it did get the best of us!  We ordered 12 new layers and all the breeds are listed in our “Available Breeds” section.  We are very diverse, that is for sure!  Our new layers will be here next month, just after Memorial Day.  They’ll be laying approximately October.  Most exciting, we are happy to annouce we will be adding several colorful layers to our flock.

6/15/2018:  Our 12 new girls are growing and thriving.  They are getting bigger everyday and are loosing their fluff for feathers.  New pictures soon.