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Our Story

Even though one of us was raised on a dairy farm, we had no interactions with chickens prior to our own.  After buying eggs for a few years from other local farmers and backyard keepers, we began discussing the idea of having our own.  Not only for the eggs, but the enjoyment of our family.

We began raising chickens for our own fresh eggs in 2017.  We started with a flock of of five and have expanded every year since.  Currently we have (24) laying hens and (8) laying ducks.  Among our chickens we have fourteen different breeds, and each of our ducks are different breeds as well.  Because of the different breeds, our ladies eggs are quite colorful.  You’ll see a light cream, varying browns, brick red, blue, and several shades of green.  A dozen of our eggs is truly beautiful!

Our ladies have the best of both worlds.  We have a more than ample run that allows them the protection they need.   It gives them the ability to dust bath, look for bugs, roost outside the coop and enjoy the outdoors.  While we try to let them free range daily, and most days we do, we do have to keep them safe from the local wild life that would love to have our girls for a snack.

We love sharing our eggs with our local community so be sure to reach out to us!

Chicken Eggs:  $3.00 a dozen
Duck Eggs:  $5.00 a dozen