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Hill View Farm Mini Milkers is located in Maceo KY. We raise Miniature Nubian dairy goats, with the plan to offer soaps and lotions in the coming year. Kids are available each year. Due to Kentucky milk laws, we can sell goat milk on the farm property for “animal consumption” only. Milk is NOT available in 2020 due to changes in the herd.

2019 saw our first bee hive, with 2020 bringing 2 more to the yard. So long as the honey gods are pleased, we should have honey available in 2021.

Our flock of chickens range from barnyard mixes, Rhode Island Reds, ISA browns, a large assortment of Orpingtons and Marans, and a handful of Leghorns, Polish, Easter Eggers & Olive Eggers. Our egg cartons are filled with a rainbow of eggs – from light browns to dark chocolates, olive green to blues – there’s never a dull carton sold.

Our eggs are gathered daily, dry washed, packaged and immediately refrigerated.  Delivery is available on a case by case basis.

Be sure to visit our website and like our Facebook page! Please text the provided phone number, as calls are not answered due to our 9-5’s.