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Our Story

We sell farm fresh Duck and Chicken eggs in northwestern Wisconsin. (Hayward, Cable, Drummond)

We just love our girls – chics rule this roost!

Our little farm was born last year as part of a lifelong dream. We picked up our roots and moved to Bayfield County Wisconsin in 2018.

Currently, we have 21 chickens (Orpington, Barred Rock, and Rhode Island Reds) as well as three black runner ducks.  They bless us with daily with large to jumbo size eggs.  Our girls have never seen a cage and roam freely between an indoor coup and a connected outdoor run.

Occasionally, we toss them some fresh fruit & vegetables; but their main diet consists of pellets made with a healthy blend of protein, fat, and fiber.  Our girls are antibiotic-free and healthy as can be.

Ever tried a Duck Egg?

Use Duck eggs for cooking the same as a Chicken egg.  Bakers love Duck eggs as they rise higher because of their protein.  They also have less water so be careful not to overcook. Other reasons to consider Duck eggs:

  • more nutritious due to their higher yolk to whites ratio
  • have a deeper, creamier taste
  • have more micronutrients
  • are higher in protein & omega-3 than a Chicken egg
  • have a tougher shell and a longer shelf life than Chicken eggs


Who knew that Chicken/Duck manure compost would make perfect fertilizer?

We have just started composting so, by late summer, we should be ready to offer that for sale too. We hope to share our joy and the home-grown goodness that our girls provide.  Many thanks to everyone supporting our farm.

Hippie Chic Haven located in Bayfield County, Wisconsin

We welcome questions or requests for more information about where to purchase our farm fresh eggs.