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Our Story

Because I’m a breast cancer survivor, my husband and I have searched for better ways to eat and live. Part of that involves knowing exactly where our food comes from. What better way to do that than to grow it or raise it ourselves? We’re not 100% there, but we’re trying to go closer and closer to that goal every day. My husband started with raising bees, and then we bought a flock of chickens about 3 years ago. We’d love to get goats or a cow or two for dairy products, and we envision a fruit orchard and aquaponics in our future. We’re only going to raise our food in a way we’d want our own personal food to be raised. That’s because this IS our personal food, and we’re mainly selling our surplus to the public. You won’t see warehouse raised eggs here, and we practice the most humane treatment of animals on our land. Though we’ve been told not to give our animals names, most do have names, and we treat them like pets. So you know they’re getting the utmost of care, unlike larger factory farms that may be selling “cage-free” as simply outside a cage but in a warehouse. If this is the farm you envisioned, we encourage you to give us a shout.