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Our Story

Hoffman’s Little Acres is owned and operated by Scott & Anna Hoffman, and our 4 kids.  We do as much as we can on our small farm to raise good food for our family and others.
We raise various heritage breeds of feeder pigs. They have good foraging ability, and the meat has more fat & marbling that gives it it’s great flavor. Their meat is more red than white like confinement pork. We raise them outdoors with shelter and feed them transitional non-GMO corn, along with a variety of “extras” including eggs, raw milk (cow or goat), fruits, vegetables, even hay, and whatever else they can find rooting around in the dirt.
We also have a flock of completely free range chickens. We sell their brown & green eggs here in our farm store. The yolks are bright yellow to orange from all the sunshine, green grass, and bugs they get to find for themselves, plus supplemented with transitional non-GMO grain mix.
Our dairy cows are Jersey & Dutch Belted, contact us about raw cow or goat milk. Our goats are Nubian, Nigerian Dwarf, & Golden Guernsey. We use their milk just to drink or make cheese and handcrafted soap. Baby goats for sale in the spring or summer.
Handcrafted goat milk soap is made with our own goat’s milk and oils, coconut oil, olive oil, and lard, to name a few of the oils in this super moisturizing soap.  Custom orders for 3-5 pound loaves of soap are also available, or buy a bar to pamper yourself along with homemade lip balm or body butter.
In the spring and summer we raise meat chickens. When they are 1-2 weeks old they are moved to a portable coop. It is enclosed with wire so they get sunshine, but also has a sheltered area in the back for them to get out of the rain. There is no floor so they can scratch and peck for bugs or eat grass & take a dirt bath. The coop is pulled to fresh grass everyday, and chickens get transitional non-GMO grain mix.
Scott is working on getting his bee hives started,  and we made pure maple syrup in the spring… yum! Check out our website for more info. Thanks for stopping by!!

All our animals are fed Non-GMO transitional feed, except our goats, they get conventional grain mix.

Our beef cattle, are the calves raised from our dairy cows when they have a bull calf, and they are fed hay and Non-GMO corn.

All meats are processed in a USDA inspected facility and labeled for resale. You’ll find them, along with our free range eggs, in our farm store.