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Our Story

Hi, we’re Darren & Karen! We’ve lived in the city, in the hill country of Texas (both in a small town of 1200 & out in the country), in a small city of about 20,000, and now we are living our dream of being on a farm…that we are slowly building.

Here’s a little bit about why we do what we do…
When our son was younger, he kept breaking out in hives at the most random times. The doctor could not figure out why & finally concluded it must be a preservative or other additive used in foods. We decided we would have to try to eliminate as much pre-prepared food from our diet as possible. We have always enjoyed gardening & cooking, but this decision began a new chapter for our family. We now make most of what we eat from scratch. We try to eat as much fresh food as possible, growing what we can…lots of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, & meat that we raise ourselves.

At Hollydew Farm, we use organic, sustainable, humane methods for gardening, farming, & life in general. We offer duck eggs, rabbit meat, fresh herbs, varieties of fresh fruits & veggies, chasteberry tea, yaupon tea, low-sugar jams, mustards, seasoning blends, breads, pies, hard lotions, lip balms, & a variety of wooden & wine bottle crafts. All of our products are homemade in small batches in a home kitchen that is not inspected by the Department of State Health Services or a local health department.