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Our Story

When your trying to figure out what’s for dinner, or what do you have in the fridge to make a healthier dinner comes up often in your mind, and sometimes you want that food to be local.

It’s hard to find local food from local farmers sometimes. If your thinking about sustainability, then sourcing your foods and especially your dairy can be hard sometimes. There are many kinds of dairy farms, but sometimes you may be looking for a wholesome product from a small family farm with healthy, friendly animals that spend their days being, well, animals.

We pasture raise all of our dairy herd, and poultry flocks on grass pasture when it is available, and feed no spray grass/alfalfa hay, and fermented or sprouted grains when production is high or pasture becomes seasonally unavailable due to snow.

We choose holistic care methods for all of our animals. We choose methods such as preventatives like diatomaceous earth, herbal wormers, copper supplementation, and good nutrition to keep our flocks and herds healthy.
Our goals are to produce good animals for good milk, eggs, or meat, as well as having good pasture management. Creating and managing healthy soils in our pastures as well as in our surrounding land is important to us to keep it healthy and viable for years to come.