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My name is Missy Culbertson, my husband Jeremy and I own Homesteading Roots where we create products for alternative healing. We are located in Mifflintown, PA. We have 5 children and just under 3 acres of basically open land. We have one child who graduated, two in public school, one homeschooled and one 4 year old learning right alongside all of us.

Jeremy and I both grew up in the farming community and recently moved to Mifflintown, PA to begin our homesteading with our children.  We have big plans for our homestead here that include, a huge garden area to grow produce and herbs for our healing products, a high tunnel to extend our growing seasons, a dairy cow or two, we want to learn how to make all the cheeses. We plan on raising our own beef, raising meat chickens, having a flock of laying hens, and honey bees. We recently purchased a sill and made hydrosols, which are a byproduct of the essential oil making process.

Our plan is to open a storefront in our barn to provide the community with nutrient dense, pasture raised, chicken, eggs, honey, fresh produce and our line of healing products which include salves, tinctures, hydrosols, powdered fruit and veggie capsules along with wood items that Jeremy makes. Jeremy loves making items from wood that he turns on his lathe like
humming bird houses and bowls. Recently he has been making all kinds of wooden kitchen utensils. You can check out all of those items plus more on our website or come out and see us when the store opens.