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Our Story

We own a few acres and have two children, five Nigerian dwarf goats, fifteen chickens, three dogs, and two kittens running around somewhere.

We moved to our new home in April 2015, and our “mini farm” began a few weeks later. 🙂 First the baby chicks arrived the day after Easter, and they finally started laying eggs toward the end of August! Now we get 10 or so a day!

Our chickens are in with the goats. That’s as close as they can get to “free-range” because we have a bird dog who would love to have chicken for dinner! They have plenty of room to peck around and sun bathe….or dust bathe depending on their moods!

Our first kid was born on June 18th.

We watched her closely during the last week, and we fortunate enough to all be home when she went into labor. It truly was amazing experience watching the natural motherly instincts of our doe, Lolly. She had one baby buck, and I can’t wait until the other two does kid so he has someone to play with during the day. 🙂