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Our Story

Located in heart of the NJ farm belt, our farm was built in the mid 1700’s.  Once home to grazing dairy cattle. Now home to hounds, honey bees, hens and soon to be planted, cider apples.  We take pride in raising our flock using organic practices.  Our farm is free from pesticide use.  We have a diverse flock approximately 250 hens that are free range and loved as family.  We hope you come to visit our growing farm and see the wonderful hens that lay such beautiful, healthy eggs.    For Spring 2021, we plan on offering “ready to lay” Red Comet Hens and possibly a few other breeds of fine laying hens.  Don’t forget to try our honey from our hard working honey bees.   In 2020, we planted over 20 acres of pollinator crop that had a mix of sunflowers, buckwheat, field peas, hairy vetch and sun hemp.  Our honey bees also had an additional 5acres of clover to feast on.  This created quite a delicious honey elixir at harvest.

When cukes come in season, we offer our farm made pickles.  They were a big hit in 2020, selling out super fast.  When the cukes stop, the tomatoes start.  That means we offer our farm made tomato sauce, which we also sold out as fast as we could make it.   Our farm fresh horseradish beet relish for the fall is almost gone and we hope to have all these products in 2021.  All of our ingredients are grown here on the farm …..Tomatoes, cukes, garlic, oregano, basil, horseradish, beets and zucchini.

Our barn is always open to our patrons.  Our products are self serve, located in the barn and available year round.  We accept Paypal, Venmo and cash.  There is a convenient cash box located next to the egg fridge.  Most importantly, a BIG Thank You to all of our wonderful patrons for making the 2020 season  a success.