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Honeymoon Farm specializes in growing seasonal cut flowers, culinary herbs and vegetables. Our stock is locally sourced and grown by a new generation of farmers who are striving to produce an ecologically sustainable product during a time when 80% of flowers are being imported from outside the United States. By purchasing blooms and produce from our farm here in the Willamette Valley, you will receive products that not only last longer and support our local economy but have a less negative environmental impact.

Along with the flower and veggie fields, our land is a lifelong stewarding project. Our 90 acres of forest, farm, and riverfront property are the perfect playground for wanderers, nature-lovers, and those looking for a little silence without being too far from town. Make a day of it – bring your kayak and explore the Pudding River, learn about our restorative agriculture plans, and forage your way through the orchard and berry hedges. Take a step into our historic 3,000 sq ft barn and find an array of seasonal cut flowers, seeds, and homemade goodies like jams, tea blends, and desserts. We invite you to explore everything Honeymoon Farm has to offer and we thank you for your support.