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The homesteading idea, and raising poultry for fun and profit had always been my childhood fantasy. I have always loved my birds, and always sought out ways to share my experiences with them with the world. My birds are more than just a hobby, they are a huge part of my life. I very rarely tire of the constant work that comes with owning them, it is good honest work, for a good cause. I would like to see our homestead, and the numerous others in our area work to stop, or at least majorly dent, the consumption of commercial eggs in our area.

Our next, and possibly last, venue for the 2014 season will be at the Common Ground Country fair! We will be there Friday through Sunday. Come on down and see some of our birds in the show, or possibly even purchase some of our birds from the sale section of the barn! This is also a great place to express interest in birds for next year!