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Our Story

The goal of sustainable living while farming our own land has long been a driving force in our life for many years. We are very fortunate to have family who have supported our dreams and aspirations along the way. The opportunity of making our dream a reality became possible for us in 2017 when we decided to move our growing family from the busy city to a quiet 20 acre plot near Ichetucknee Springs in Lake City, Florida.

That first year we were introduced to the concept of regenerative agriculture and holistic farm management, which immediately transformed our preconceived notion of farming and allowed us to rethink and retool how we were going to pursue our future endeavor. With this new inspiration we quickly decided that the foundation of our farm would be rooted in the principles and techniques of pasture raised management, and with that Humble Nature Farm was born. We knew from its inception that our farm business should not only support our own family but it should become a meaningful connection between the food we produced and the community we lived in. All decisions are discussed with a conscious effort to include its impact on our environment and the welfare of the animals we raise.

That is why our pastured raised poultry is grown outdoors in the fresh air and sunshine. We do not administer antibiotics or hormones nor will we use any herbicides or pesticides on our land. By using mobile hoop-house style chicken tractors we are able to guard our livestock against predators while practicing pasture management. This includes moving our tractors to fresh patches of land daily. The primary feed we use is a mixture of freshly milled Non-GMO pesticide & herbicide free grains, corn, supplemental nutrients, trace minerals, and our crystal clear water which is sourced from the nearby springs. At the end of each birds life cycle they are humanely harvested on-site at our farm to your table. As a young farming family we look forward to a future of learning, growing, and becoming a dependable part of our local food supply, as well as a trustworthy friend to each and every one of our customers.