Our Story

Kevin and I are both nurses. I currently work part time as a family nurse practitioner, he works full time as the director of invasive cardiology at our local hospital. We met when we were both cardiac nurses, me working on the floor and him working in the cardiac Cath lab. We knew we wanted to own a farm one day and spent 5 years looking for the perfect place. His grandmother raised sheep on the island of Gotland, Sweden and I love to knit, so we decided we wanted to raise sheep along with a few chickens. Emma, our only child, would be getting ready to graduate high school and heading off to college at UGA, so the farm would also help fill the empty nest syndrome (I hoped). One day everything kind of fell into place…

And here we are, 3 dogs, 24 chickens, 5 sheep and a few American Guinea Hogs later….

My husband and I live on a little 7 acre farm in North Georgia were we raise sheep for wool, chickens for eggs, and American Guinea Hogs for meat.

We currently have 24 pasture raised, free ranging chickens that we raise for eggs and funny chicken antics. All of our chickens are named and each one has a unique personality. Our chickens are very social and very loved.

We have 5 Gulf Coast Native Sheep that we raise for wool and as pets. Our 5 wooly, carefree girls are free to graze on any of our pastures. Their matriarch “Nana” is very smart and keeps us on our toes.

We pasture raise our American Guinea Hogs without the use of antibiotics. Our hogs forage on grass, clover, acorns, and pecans.