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Our Story

My story… Well I was born in Downers Grove, and got my first horse age 5. We moved into the country (Plano) when I was 7. I joined 4-H and my first project was to raise 100 chicks from hatch to slaughter soooo my adventure began! I fell in love with every one of those little chicks and named each one. Well time went by, I grew up and had a family of my own. Joined the army and moved away leaving my family and farm behind. Oh I would come visit, but all the animals I had too grew old and slowly passed away. Mom and dad were left with the farm and a few dogs. My family broke apart and I left the state. Dad decided he was going to raise chickens. It lasted a couple years and he lost interest. One day while I was living in Hawaii, dad called me and asked me to move home. His health was getting bad and he needed my help. What was I going to do? I lived in Hawaii on a beach by the ocean… or go back to Illinois to care for my elderly parents? Your right, I went home. Dad passed away just 5 months later. That’s when moms issue reared its ugly head… Mom has dementia… there is no way I can go back to Hawaii. So I settled in, got another horse and thirty hens. Now I have 50 hens, 3 horses 4 ducks, 5 peacocks and 2 cats! Yup Hungry Acres is back but I sure miss dad. So that’s my story and I’m sticking to it! 😉

Question: What do I feed my chickens?

Answer: My girls are FREE RANGE so they eat bugs, grass, and moms herbs! I also feed them cracked corn.

Question: where do your chickens live?

Answer: The girls live on a 5 acre farm and are free range during the day. They have their own house  to sleep in to keep them safe from predators.

Question: Are my eggs organic?

Answer: YES they are, there are no chemicals anywhere on this property! Nothing but the finest for my ladies!

Question: What about the yolk?

Answer: The yolks are a deep orange and some are double yolks!!