Huxley’s Homestead

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Our Story

In 1998, a 6-year-old’s heart sparked a dream. A dream to own 20 ponies and 100 chickens. While the ponies didn’t happen, the 100 chickens did – and she couldn’t be happier. In 2021, a homestead on hand-me-down land was born in Pineville, KY. Our names are Katie and Dalton and Huxley’s Homestead is named after our first puppy together, Huxley. He is full of love, curiosity, and laughs – just like our homestead adventure. Huxley’s Homestead aims to bring awareness to the importance of supporting locals while providing our community with affordable, quality, delicious eggs from happy, healthy hens. Our hens are fed an all-natural diet and are pasture-ranged on over six acres daily, to allow them ample room to forage like they are meant to. Our dreams don’t stop here, and we plan on introducing hatching eggs and chicks in spring of 2022.