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Idaho Pastures is home to our “Poultry Paradise” where our flocks spend their days in Silvopasture areas that provide them with bugs, grass, shrubs, and seeds.  In addition to being fed locally sourced non-GMO feeds, our hens are in an environment  where they can behave naturally, engage in social interactions with the flock, and live a happy chicken life.

We sell eggs throughout the year and whole frozen Cornish Cross meat birds several times per year.  Contact us to receive more information and join our flock!

For those of you looking to establish your own backyard flock:  We breed Heritage Chickens and offer:

  1. Laying hens
  2. Chicks
  3. Hatching eggs

Our special breeds include:

  1. Silkies
  2. Black Copper Marans
  3. Ameraucanas (The real deal blue egg layers!  Not Americanas.)
  4. Blue-laced Red Wyandottes

Contact us for availability!