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Our Story

Independence Homestead is a family farm focusing on organic, sustainable, farming principles. We offer free range eggs, rabbit meat, and more.


We operate the farm with a “beyond organic” philosophy. We are not certified organic because organic principles just scratch the surface of what we practice here at Independence Homestead. Generally speaking, organic products are produced without pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, GMOs, antibiotics, or growth hormones. Isn’t that the bare minimum you would want in terms of food for yourself and your family?

Here at Independence Homestead, we go a lot further than that. We start with organic livestock feed, detailed below. We then give each animal the space and environment it needs to do what God built it to do. Our chickens range on pasture, eating whatever seeds and bugs they scratch up. Our goats forage in the woods, munching on leaves and shrubs. This alignment with natural behaviors minimizes inputs needed, lessening the farm’s environmental impact and keeping costs down.


Chickens free ranging

For those animals destined to be meat, we process our poultry and rabbits here on the farm, which allows us to control every aspect of their production and ensure our standards are upheld. It eliminates the stress of transport, ensures animals are killed humanely, and keeps our meat out of large processors where it could be contaminated by other meat. We are also able to process our meat in comparatively small batches and use the best processing techniques, such as air chilling our chicken and packaging each in a shrink-wrap bag.


You are welcome to come see the farm on one of the farm days we host throughout the year, join the mailing list to be notified of the next one! You will see firsthand how healthy and well cared for the animals are, and you can taste the difference in our products.