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Our Story

We are located on our family owned farm right outside of Houston PA on Brigich RD in Canonsburg PA.  Being small in stature and then starting a family, now having 2 little girls, I wanted some kind of farm animal that the 3 of us could handle, and that’s where my journey began in raising chickens and then selling eggs.


I now run a farm stand with the eggs, artisan made candles and soaps.  My love of nature and living simple inspired me to add vintage and handmade items which are available in my Etsy shop Janes Farmhouse Finds.


I take pride in how I feed my chickens an all natural diet.  Some of the biggest payments I receive is when my customers rave about how they love my eggs!


Here on the farm we have goals of:

-Soon having our own milk bottled and sold in the farm stand, with the help of my older brother

-Meat Chickens

-Pork, with the help of my younger brother

-Wool and Lamb, with the help of my mother