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Our Story

Jasmine Farms established as a LLC at 742 River Rd, Belle Mead, NJ 08502 with the expectation of rapid expansion in the vegetable, Poultry & Horticulture Industry.

We are a family owned and operated Vegetable, Poultry & Horticulture farm and plan to ensure this opportunity to the next generation. We will strive to make efficient use of inputs, maintain excellent land stewardship practices and produce high-quality commodities for the end user. We value rural life and are committed to keeping our rural community vital, respects the land, and feeds our community, and to exemplify a sustainable model for small-farm viability.

Our short term goal is to produce healthy and safe food products, maximize profitability and maintain our rural heritage. Make the place beautiful being on scenic drive of River Rd.

Our long term goal is to make this farm a complete Organic Farm.