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I have always had chickens. I love owning them.  We currently have our chickens divided into a few flocks based on size.  We have a Japanese bantam, some silkies, plus a variety of “farm mix” hens that free range the property.  Along with a lot of ducks that free range.   I can never find the duck eggs, but in late spring/early summer we often have ducklings for sale.
So I occasionally have extra chicken eggs to sell.    My chickens and ducks are left to free-range when they are adults during the day, tossed scratch grains to eat.    I offer them food to eat (layer crumbles) but they choose not to because they get more than enough free-ranging.
they are extremely happy hens.    Occasionally they hide their nest and hatch more chicks out.
Please contact me on Facebook, or mewe  to let me know if you’d like to buy eggs and we can set up a time/date for you to come buy them.