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Welcome to Endless Winter Farm

– Before I settled in Teton Valley I lived in an RV full time for 8 years and worked travel nurse assignments all across the country.  My specialty was open heart surgery.  Travel assignments were typically 13 weeks in length.  I would take winters off to snowboard – that is what brought me to Teton Valley.  I wintered here for several years before buying a house here in 2009 and becoming a permanent resident.  My previous quest for endless winters led me to name my farm “Endless Winter Farm” and also because we typically have endless winters here in Teton Valley.

– I grew up in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania (which has the most dairies in Pennsylvania) but I had no interest in dairy farming until I was about 20 years out of college!

– I started raising dairy goats in 2013.  This spring (2018) is my 5th kidding season.  In 2014 I was issued my first Small Herd Exemption Raw Milk Permit which allowed me to sell raw goat milk and raw goat milk products from my farm.  In 2016 I completed the additional requirements to be permitted to sell my raw goat milk and raw goat milk products in stores and at markets.

– In 2014, I took a job as a cow milker at Paradise Springs Farm to learn and experience as much as I could about Biodynamic and Organic dairy farming.  It has been one of the most amazing and rewarding experiences for me.  And it confirmed for me that dairy farming is a real passion and calling for me.  It’s not a job, but a way of life, and it’s difficult for me to imagine any other life now.  And I am no longer working in nursing!   In addition to running daily operations alone at my farm, I continue to work at Paradise Springs Farm.  During the busy hay season it is not uncommon to find me milking 4 times a day (my goats twice a day and their cows twice a day)!

 While I currently don’t hold any certifications, I practice Organic farming, and I incorporate as many Biodynamic principles into my practice at my farm as I can.  These practices as well as animal welfare and humane farm animal care are my way of life.

– It’s priority to me to provide my animals with the best nutrition possible.  My goats feed on chemical free pasture, certified organic alfalfa hay grown in Teton Valley, and they get a small amount of certified organic grain when on the milking stand.  I will never feed my goats corn or soy!  The majority of dairies feed their animals corn or soy for most of their ration.  While this may provide energy, it lacks vitamins and minerals that grass and legume rich pasture and hay contain which means the milk produced from these animals will be lacking the vitamins and minerals.  Avoiding corn and soy in my feed makes my cost of feed much higher which is why my prices tend to be higher than conventional goat farms.  I feel there is a huge need to educate consumers about the nutrition in the milk they are drinking.  Of course I promote raw milk, but not all raw milk is created equal!  Get to know your farmer and most importantly get to know what your dairy farmer is feeding their cows/goats!

– I raise Nubian dairy goats, Heritage Standard Bronze turkeys, and various breeds of chickens.

– My products include raw goat milk, raw goat cheese (various flavors of chèvre, and goat cheese with ash – a specialty artisan cheese), and pasture raised chicken eggs, pasture raised turkey eggs.  I sell limited numbers of Heritage turkeys in late fall, and goat meat in late fall.  I also have the following available by special request – fertile turkey eggs in spring for those who want to incubate their own, turkey poults in late spring for those who want to raise their own, and goat kids and yearlings.  On occasion, I will sell a mature goat.  I do not show my goats, but they are ADGA registered so those buying live goats from me have the ability to show them if they choose.


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