Jireh Organic Farms and Livestock of N.Y.

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Our Story

We are a newly established Disabled Veteran Owned Non-GMO / All Natural Farm on 26 Acres in Saratoga County!

We use Non-GMO feed for our Hens, Cage Free, Hand Raised, Hand Gathered, Hand Washed, Hand Packed. While we are NOT Certified Organic, we do use All Natural / Non-GMO practices – there are “NO” Fertilizers or Pesticides used on our farms. Our Pigs, Meat Birds & Beef Cows are Grass Fed, our feeds are GMO Free !

Zorro, the black bull calf was the first born on our farm last August. Meat Birds and Pigs the same, all Non-GMO!

Our Egg Cartons are manufactured by Hartmann – they are committed to making sustainable egg packaging exclusively based on biodegradable molded fiber that can be recycled or disposed of with a minimal impact on our surroundings. Our definition of sustainability also reaches out to other areas including forest stewardship, the climate, and suppliers.

Our farm is also run by an On-Site Solar Array which in the Summertime runs typically at approx. 90%+ Efficiency!

We welcome your feedback and hope you will stop by and say hello while you are at the Market…..

Cheers from Jireh Farms / Farm Fresh Proteins