Jireh Organic Farms and Livestock of N.Y.

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Our Story

We are a newly established Disabled Veteran Owned Organic Farm on 26 Acres in Saratoga County!

We use Non-GMO feed for our Hens, Cage Free, Hand Raised, Hand Gathered, Hand Washed, Hand Packed. While we are not Certified Organic, our practices are – there are “NO” Fertilizers or Pesticides used on our farms. Our Beef Cows are Grass Fed, no corn, none, not ever!

Zorro, the black bull calf was the first born on our farm last August. Meat Birds and Pigs the same, all Non-GMO!

Our Egg Cartons are manufactured by Hartmann – they are committed to making sustainable egg packaging exclusively based on biodegradable molded fiber that can be recycled or disposed of with a minimal impact on our surroundings. Our definition of sustainability also reaches out to other areas including forest stewardship, the climate, and suppliers.

Our farm is also run by an On-Site Solar Array which in the Summertime runs typically at approx. 90%+ Efficiency!

We welcome your feedback and hope you will stop by and say hello while you are at the Market…..

Cheers from Jireh Farms