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Our Story

Welcome to J&J Acres! We are a couple who both grew up on small family farms. After marriage we wanted to continue that love, although on a smaller scale, and upon moving to Iowa we bought a home that allowed this passion to continue. We own a few acres, enough for our flock of chickens, horses, and dogs, and hope to one day purchase several more acres allowing us to expand. Currently, we have fresh eggs available for sale from our pastured hens and fresh produce grown just in front of our house. Our hope is to have a much larger selection in future years as we continue to grow on our farm on the hill.

With appreciation,Justin and Jessica

Eggs currently available:
-Farm Fresh Brown Eggs (Rhode Island Reds, Barred Rock)
-Farm Fresh Green Eggs (Ameraucana Hens)

Produce that will soon be available:
-Sweet peppers
-Jalapeno peppers
-Tomatoes (normal and cherry)
-Green beans
-Summer Squash