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Starting out in 2011 with a few heirloom tomatoes and a few chickens, Johnny G’s is an up and coming small All Natural farm striving to bring the highest quality eggs and seasonal heirloom vegetables to the local community. The chickens here have gone up in numbers and varieties of breeds, all of which produce unique colored eggs including white, brown, green, and blue!  Along with being fed the best all natural soy-free feed, enriched with omega 3 fatty acids, they’re all able to walk around, play in the dirt and eat fresh grass.  Eggs are gathered three times a day which improves the sanitary condition of the eggs, which are hand washed and dried, then go straight into the fridge to insure our customers receive the freshest eggs possible.

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NOVEMBER-   Usually not the most exciting month as all the plants are gone and the chickens aren’t laying many eggs due to the shortening day length, but guess what?!?!?!?!?!

WE HAVE TURKEYS! On the 9th Johnny G’s rescued 2 Blue Slate Turkeys!

Also on the 9th, some new chickens were added to the flock! Ameracuana hens which will lay our blue eggs, Marans, which will give us chocolate toned eggs, and a cross of the two which produce an olive colored shell. With our Leghorns which started laying their white eggs, your carton will soon be filled with a wide array of color with that same great taste!