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Our Story

In 2007  we moved to an undeveloped 10 acres in the beautiful Alhambra Valley of Contra Costa County California.  We wanted to get some chickens for our youngest son to take care of and from there the business grew!  We usually have about 400-500 laying hens and they are free to roam the pasture from sunup until sundown.  They are also free to feed on a natural vegetarian lay pellet to aid in their health and egg laying.  Due to the green grass in the spring and early summer, their yolks are a deep yellow/orange and the taste is very wonderful.  We believe letting the chickens roam freely they are living a healthy natural life and we appreciate the reward of their fresh eggs.

We get our eggs to the grocery store one or two days after they are laid so you are getting the freshest eggs possible.  We also sell eggs right here at the farm.  At this time we do not offer drive up sales and ask our customers to call ahead to order their eggs.

The beef and pork  are offered once a year and you must pre-purchase them by the 1/4, 1/2, or whole animal.  We then have them cut and wrapped to your specifications.

We love our life out here in the countryside with cities just 10 minutes away here in the San Francisco Bay Area.  It’s paradise!