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Our Story

My husband and I started our journey of raising chickens for organic eggs in April 2021 when we purchased our first two baby chicks. From these two we continued to add to our flock while knowing very little about raising chickens. My husband began to read and watch YouTube videos about everything to do with chickens to educate us about the topic and from there we designed a chicken coop appropriate to our chicks, we decided to feed our chickens organic food to grow organic eggs. In august of 2021 we moved to our ranch home in Lancaster and converted a 6 horse barn into a chicken coop. Currently our flock has about 95 chickens, all in laying stage. They produce about 60-70 eggs per day.
Our flock is fed only organic chicken food and vegetables from day 1. We are in the process of getting our egg handler license followed by our organic egg producers license. We strife for becoming a level 5 organic egg producers for the area we serve as well as surrounding areas.
We believe in learning something new every day, therefore we welcome feedback and new ideas from any experienced farmers.

We welcome all of our customers to visit our farm, call us to make an appointment. Hope to see you soon.
Douglas and Joan