Kaspar Creek Farm

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Our Story

We are a small, family farm located in Bennett, WI. We are located in what used to be a dairy farm that supplied much of the milk for the local community. Although we don’t have dairy cows on our farm today, we do have registered Tamworth hogs that we breed and sell (as both feeder pigs and butcher hogs). Our breeding stock consists of two lovely ladies, Rita and Sharona, and our boar Batman. We also have many laying hens, and a healthy supply of delicious eggs, even in the winter! We also raise and sell chickens for meat. We love to incubate and hatch chicken eggs in the spring, and will occasionally have chicks for sale. We take pride in giving the animals who we share our farm with the best possible lives. They are all pasture raised during our growing season, and are also fed vegetables from our garden. Although we are not certified organic, we do not use pesticides in the production of our vegetables. We are always looking to expand our customer base, and would love to hear from you!