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Our Story

I am a retired teacher, and have lived on a farm all of my life.  Our family farm began in 1986. We have raised pigs, beef cattle, horses, sheep, geese, turkeys, and of course, chickens.  I have nine different breeds of laying hens, and I raise meat chickens and turkeys during the summer. At this time, I have 40 chickens.

My chickens have a coop and a large, fenced-in yard. They have access to fresh water, feed, and grass or hay daily.  The eggs are mostly large-extra large with some medium sized. Colors are various shades of brown and green. Some even have speckles!  I also have meat chickens and turkeys for sale.

In addition to farm products, I crochet washcloths, dishcloths, towels, scrubbies, potholders, hotpads, afghans, and lapghans which I also sell at my farmers market.