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In a WORLD FULL OF TOXINS, quality shows in Kelly Homestead pasture-raised nutrient-dense eggs. Tended by loving caring hands, Kelly Homestead hens are clean, shiny, healthy and happy.   Best of all, the taste of our nutrient-packed eggs is truly an incredible experience.

Ken and Ginger Kelly’s main goal is to produce enough high quality, organically produced, nutrient dense food for our family.  Then, they offer any extra to friends, family and visitors.  This is why the Kelly Homestead does not have large quantities or unlimited supplies of eggs and other farm fresh offerings.  They typically sell fresh eggs by the roadside on Saturday and Sunday and whenever supplies are available.  Feel free to call if you want to learn more or would like to reserve your eggs for pick-up.

  • Our hens are rasied according to USDA Organic standards.
  • Our hens are fed GMO-free and non-GE USDA Organic feed.
  • Our hens have access to plenty of fresh green pasture grasses, most all seasons.
  • Our hens are given fresh clean well-water to drink, free of water treatment chemicals and chlorine.
  • Our hens are fed organic oyster shells, to aid in calcium absorption for stronger, more nutrient dense eggs.
  • Our hens are fed fresh organic kelp meal and sprouts for more nutrient dense eggs, especially when pasture is not available.
  • Our hens are fed farm fresh local raw milk and kefir, for better calcium, protein, Omega-3 nutrition and better gut health.