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Our Story

Kentucky Cluckers started in the spring of 2020 with 10 baby chicks! We started out just to have eggs for ourselves but because we saw what a difference in the taste & nutrition we thought we would like the opportunity to share with those that find there way to us!

Our hen’s get lots of sun, fresh air, & are free to scratch & peck wherever the bugs may take them, with that said our customer’s get to savor the flavor of their freedom! Also they are fed with 100% organic, soy free, corn free feed! Kentucky proud? Well as a Kentuckian you cannot get much more prouder then eating eggs that are laid in Kentucky & fed with feed grown and harvested in Kentucky!

Did you know that organic, free range chicken’s produce up to 1/3 less cholesterol then your conventional supermarket eggs! Plus we do throw in organic flaxseed into there feed to help with having a higher amount of omega 3’s!

Which comes first the chicken or the egg? For us it’s the chicken! If you have an unhealthy, unhappy hen your egg is going to be the same! “You are what your animal eats!” No matter a chicken or any other animal we all need to remember what they give up for us…in turn we need to treat them with the care and respect they deserve!

We look forward to sharing our ladies hard work with y’all! We also have started a berry crop and hope to have an abundance of produce this summer to share if all grows well, so don’t hesitate to check in time to time to see what is bountiful through out the growing season!

Thank you for stopping by, Phil & Diane Gerow